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Our Humble Beginning in Massachusetts - STONEHAM - MELROSE - WAKEFIELD - WINCHESTER - MALDEN - SAUGUS

Painting homes and being involved with the exterior of a house is something that was in my family for generations. As a child my grandfather would take me to job sites and quickly taught me the fine art and intricate skills required to produce only the highest quality craftsmanship. Instantly it became evident that I had found my calling; I was that twelve year-old child that would go around the neighborhood with pamphlets offering fence painting services during the summers. Before I knew it fence painting became porch and backyard deck painting, which then evolved into repair and general contracting work on the exterior as I did the painting. After many years of learning the basic and intermediate skill-set required for my craft people started to ask if I would paint their entire home exterior and make major repairs and additions when needed.

After many long years of hard work and learning advanced and unique processes and skills required to provide the highest quality product for the best price in town I was confident enough in the excellence and superiority of what I had learned and value and worth in the overall service I could provide that I knew it was time to create a proper company, buy the trucks and materials needed and start to train other gentleman with the best-of-breed methods that took a generation to learn, sharpen and refine.

Even though I've been involved with painting more then a thousand homes there is still nothing more enjoyable and satisfying then the look on a homeowners eyes as we do the final walk-through and go over the finished job. What properly applied exterior paint can do for a home is nothing short of amazing and can bring a dull, dirty or boring exterior back to life and make your home the envy of the neighborhood. Our homes are often times the most important investment we're involved with and I know how imperative it is that any additional investment you make on the upkeep or improvements of your home are worth the value and effort, you can be assured that the quality of the service SCH painting provides is second to no other. The word of mouth referral and reference aspect of home painting is how we have grown as a company each and every year. Customer satisfaction is the only goal and no house or job is more or less important then next.

The SCH Team - The Best Painters in the Business

Each and every man that is on the S.C.H. painting team and works on your home is someone that has been with me for years and has been educated on and has a wealth of experience in the art of house painting, general contracting and home repair. No current team member has less then two hundred homes painted experience and many have painted more then five hundred unique houses in their careers with SCH painting.

For the team at SCH the quality of our work is not the only factor in why we're still in business after all these years; the manner in which we represent ourselves and our professionalism is just as important to the overall services that our homeowners rightfully demand and deserve. People are always amazed at the entire process we provide from start to finish; how we care for their homes and pay special attention to detail and the superior cleanliness we provide; how devoted and focused we are on your home and the speed in which we get right down to business and get any sized job done.

Our Philosophy and Approach - The Reason Why 50% of our Business Is Repeat Customers.

I'm not only the owner of the company but I'm also the person you're going to be dealing with; I'll be the one to go to your home prior and provide you with the Estimate for your needs; I'll be there each day working with my team and taken a hands on approach to supervising and managing the entire process of getting your home painted exactly the way you want it.

The five to six man team that is assigned to complete the work on your home are completely devoted only to your house, until the job is complete you are their sole responsibility and only focus. We work so well together after hundreds of projects with one another that we know each others strengths and focus 100 percent on the job at hand.

The people that work at SCH are all professionals; hard-working family oriented individuals for whom their work is as important to them as anything. When we are at your home there is no sitting around, useless banter or discussions that do not involve the house we're working on. We remain focused on the highest quality work we can provide and are extremely proud of the level of expertise and craftsmanship we've all acquired and can now provide to others.

When only use the top painting materials & products available. Pay flawless attention to detail and pride ourselves on being impeccably neat and clean. Offer a service that is second to none with a quality of service that takes more then thirty years to acquire and perfect.

We have the skills, equipment and manpower to tackle any size job; offer free estimates and consultations when needed. We are fully licensed and insured including workmans comp.

North Shore & Greater Boston's most trusted and respected painter. Serving the fine residents and communities of Melrose Ma, Stoneham Mass, Winchester Ma, Wakefield Ma, Malden Ma, Saugus Ma, Medford Ma, Reading Ma, Lynnfield and Woburn Massachusetts for more then thirty years. Scott C. Hurd's, owner operator of S.C.H. Painting, wealth of experience and complete understanding of house exterior painting and victorian home repair and upkeep can not be matched in the area. With a portfolio of more then one thousand homes painted in his illustrious career, Scott and his experienced crews and supervisors can tackle any painting / general contracting / carpentry / repair / restoration or unique design need you'll ever have.

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